· 2048 Channels with 4 DMX opticaly isolated outputs.
· Maximum 240 Units for patching Fixtures.
· Patch Fixtures within 80 channels.
· LCD display.
· Two Optical Encoders.
· Up to 900 Playbacks, controlled by 15 Playback faders×60 pages.
· Up to 200 groups.
· 210 Presets, including various colour, gobos and position,controlled by 30 Preset buttons ×7 pages.
· Effect Generator provides circle, square, polygon, rainbow and other Effects.
· Over 8000 fixtures in System Library, create and edit function for custom profiles, new fixture can be created easily onboard.
· Free firmware and library updates.
· USB backup system enable user to backup show data.
· Music trigger function for playback chase.
· Can be controlled by MIDI Master. Phantom 2048 can be connected by MIDI signal, one for master, another for slave.
· Auto-save show data.
· Option: 12V auxiliary light.
· Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.
· Size: 730mm×490mm×120mm.
· Net weight: 17kg approx.

Phantom 2048