Upgrade your included Solo license to an upgraded License key alowing you to design larger shows.


Your complimentary solo license key includes:


Solo Edition:

1 x Universes

1 x Video streams

1 x Local video

1 x Laser Feeds

10 x Water Jets


Upgrade to unlock more potential!


Duet edition:

2 x Universes

2 x Video streams

2 x Local video

2 x Laser Feeds

20 x Water Jets


Quatet Edition:

4 x Universes

4 x Video streams

4 x Local video

4 x Laser Feeds

40 x Water Jets


Symphony Edition:

Unlimited Universes

Unlimited Video streams

Unlimited Local video

Unlimited Laser Feeds

Unlimited Water Jets

Unlimited Visualisation

Unlimited Potential


Your upgrade license will be delivered via email from info@codeuk.co.uk, if you do not receive your license key please check your junk/spam folder first before contacting us.

Capture Visualisation

  • Please make sure you have selected before commition to your purchase, license keys are generated for each individual and as such are non refundable once your license key has been generated. If you think you have made a mistake contact us on info@codeuk.co.uk before your license key is generated otherwise we will not be able to refund nor rectify the issue. CODE (UK) will not accept any liability if you order the wrong license, if you are unsure contact us on info@codeuk.co.uk and one of our team will be happy to help and ensure that you receive the right product.