Capture gets fruity ;-)

We are pleased to introduce yet another industry first from our partners at Capture!

Capture have just released Capture mobile available in the app store right now! Capture mobile is a viewing and visualisation solution for the iPad and iPhone making capture even more portable. Alongside being able to see all of your plans and snapshots of stage looks on your phone or ipad right there on site reducing the amount of paper needed you can also enter live mode and do live visualisation using your CODE console right there on your iphone or ipad!

The Capture app for iOS opens any Capture project file, from the latest as well as older versions and the Student Edition. It also supports ethernet DMX protocols Art-Net, sACN and CITP for visualisation. Watch the video below for all of the details from the guys are capture themselves.

Stay tuned for more news from the Team at CODE H.Q.

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