CODE Lighting Technology Ltd. Was established in 2017 by Managing Director Shaun Downes after partnering with CODE Electronic Co., Ltd. who manufacture all CODE products with their own in house staff in a purpose built factory. This partnership was formed to facilitate the implementation of CODE Lighting Products in to the UK and European markets. Since our inception we have seen a huge jump in brand awareness and uptake of CODE products from a diverse range of clientele from schools, colleges and universities to bars, clubs and DJ's all the way up to production companies and touring lighting engineers. We brought CODE into these markets as we believe them to be unbelievable and unbeatable value for money for the power, versatility and user friendliness.

CODE Electronic Co., Ltd was established in 1993. Dedicated to the development and production of DMX lighting control systems. A series of products with the registered trademark CODE have been put into the market worldwide since 1996. The company has all the copyright of the registered production of CODE.

"Innovation at the heart of everything we do"

CODE Products are pushing the boundaries of what we have come to understand of what you expect from a lighting console, Traditional DMX products are complicated, often convoluted, expensive and this is thought to be a necessity to get the precise show control expected by the most demanding engineers.  We have broken down that barrier, CODE consoles are built to the highest standards using tried and tested high quality components to stand the rigours of life on the road and to stand up to the abuse thrown at them by engineers show after show we then turned our attention to the all important operating system that we have made  as easy to use and intuitive as possible we then made all of our products truly affordable, our products are powerful enough and versatile enough to keep even the most demanding professional engineer happy whilst the price point makes it accessible for even the most novice of lighting operators.


Alastair Doyle

Managing Director

Event Services Ltd.


"Having only recently been introduced to Code Lighting desks at PLASA 2019, I cannot believe that I had never come across them before. They offer exceptional power, ease of operation and a continuous programme of development. I can offer these truly quality products to our customers at an amazing price, - way below that of competitor’s desks that they outshine and surpass."